Meet The Team


Chris Thompson

Co-founder & Executive Producer

Chris is an award-winning producer with an extensive background in advertising and narrative. As an experienced producer, strategist, and interviewer, he always knows just the right question to ask.


Blake Fraser

Co-founder & Creative Director

Blake is an award winning director who comes from a drama and music video background. With a family of storytellers behind him, he’s always looking for new exciting ways to engage audiences while remaining true to what makes narratives connect to the viewer.


Bernadette Nguyen


Bernie has experience across drama, documentary, audio and commercial. She is passionate about telling unheard stories that show the diverse landscape of Australia.


Alex Barnett

Post-production Supervisor

Alex knows what makes an edit connect on an emotional level, and with an eagle eye for detail he makes sure everything that leaves the Four Leg edit suit is both creatively and technically flawless.


Ralph Stevenson


Ralph is an award winning animator and motion graphics artist. His passion is adding motion, colour, character and connection to a story making it extraordinary.


Gabrielle karney

Content creator

Gabrielle is undeniably a force of nature who sees the world as moments to be captured. With her expertise spanning across photography, video, coding and design Gabi has the knowledge and skill to find, capture and bring any story to life.




Part time lead generation specialist. Full time good boy.