The Atlassian team have a high number of Customer Support Service roles they need to fill with experts – to continue to provide a world-class experience to customers at over 200,000 companies worldwide.


Using video, we worked with Atlassian’s Customer Support Services team to create a short, succinct and immersive video that gets people excited about the potential of working with a company that lives its values. Immediately drawing the viewer’s attention towards the CSS opportunity at Atlassian by leveraging on their EVP findings, we utilised our completely remote video production toolset to brief team members and authentically capture what it’s like to work at Atlassian and take a glimpse into the robust, diverse and welcoming culture. Not only is this a COVID-19 safe method, but engaging – we treat the footage, rotoscope (cut them out) and polish the video so it looks and feels like a studio shoot.


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At Atlassian, their future is rooted in helping teams unleash their potential by building tools that inspire collaboration and facilitate growth. Through this animation, the Atlassian CSS team were able to showcase the opportunities for growth, development and teamwork within their existing teams, and to answer the question: ‘why is CSS different at Atlassian?’

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